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Bucket List

I started a bucket list back in 2013 and it continues to get bigger and bigger over time!
Know how I can tick some of these off the list? Contact me here.

Explore a cave
Indoor Skydive
Go on a pilgrimage
Outdoor skydive
Go paragliding

✔ Build a snowman
Milk a cow
Hold a lamb
Shear a sheep
Sleep in a yurt
Go camping
Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
Name a star
Go horseriding
Go on a safari
Learn to ski
✔ Get a pet dog

Plan a date night
Celebrate an anniversary
Get engaged
Get married

Answer a personal ad
Surprise someone
✔ Donate to charity
✔ Give blood
Fundraise for a charity
Help someone tick something off their bucket list

Watch all the Oscar winning best pictures
Watch all the Golden Globe winning best pictures
Watch the 100 films to see before you die list

Attend a same-sex wedding
Be a bridesmaid
Make 3 new lifelong friends
✔ Get a penpal
Meet a blog friend in person

Act in a play
✔ Contribute to a magazine
Create a family tree
Start a podcast
Decorate a blank T-shirt
✔ Design a website
Crochet a scarf
Crochet pillowcases
Crochet bunting for my room
Paint a self portrait
Make paper
Make soap
✔ Make a gift
Make a doily rug
✔ Make a blanket
Have a solo exhibition
Write a song
Make copies of artwork and leave around exhibitions
Write a book
Get published
Make a Youtube video
Write a cookbook
Make a colouring book

Apply to be on a reality TV show
Attend a football match
Attend a black tie event
Attend a film premier
Attend a blog event
Go to Pride
✔ Go to Carnival
Go to a comedy show
Be an extra on TV
Be an extra on film
Be on radio
✔ Do a live stream video
Interview a celebrity
Dance at a rave
Dance on a bar
Go to a blues bar
Go to a murder mystery night
Go ghost hunting
Go to a book signing
Party in a private nightclub booth
✔ Sit in a TV audience
Go backstage at an event
Host a cocktail party
Throw a themed party

Get a thigh tattoo
Go for a spray tan
Go for a 30 minute wrap
✔ Get a piercing
Get a henna tattoo
✔ Make nail design patterns
Buy a matching co-ords set
✔ Have a Spa day
Have a mud bath

Become debt free
✔ Open a saving account
Save £1000 in spare change
Go a whole weekend not spending any money
Live on the Government applicable amount for 1 month
Make a monthly budget and stick to it
Create a passive income
Have a positive net worth
Earn £50,000+ in one year
Earn a 6 figure salary a year
Have over £16,000 in savings
Open a help to buy ISA

✔ Buy a designer handbag
Build/Buy my dream house
Go on a cruise
Stay at an all-inclusive resort
Stay in a 5 star hotel
Own a holiday home
Hire a cleaner
Hire a personal assistant

Start my own business
Collab with other successful women
Interview 100 women on what makes them successful
Be interviewed
Build my own career
Become self employed
✔ Rewrite my CV
Write for 3 brands and get paid for it
Have a photoshoot for my business/blog
Host a Q&A on Instagram/Facebook live
Take a course on Skillshare
Achieve 1000 email subscribers
Master Pinterest
Send out 200 care packages
Create an online course

All Roald Dahl books
All Jacqueline Wilson Books
Tiny Beautiful Things // Cheryl Strayed
Fuck! I’m In My Twenties // Emma Koenig
What I Know Now
Girls In White Dresses // Jennifer Close
✔ How To Win Friends + Influence People // Dale Carnegie
The Power of Positive Thinking // Norman Peale
Outliers // Malcolm Gladwell
Crush It! // Gary Vaynerchuk
Leave Your Mark // Aliza Licht
You Are A Badass // Jen Sincero
Big Magic // Elizabeth Gilbert
Eat Pray Love // Elizabeth Gilbert
Light Is The New Black // Rebecca Campbell
The Power Playbook // La La Anthony
You Do You // Sarah Knight
The Map // Colette Baron-Reid
The Self Love Experiment // Shannon Kaiser
Adventures For Your Soul // Shannon Kaiser
Year Of Yes // Shonda Rhimes
You Are A Badass At Making Money // Jen Sincero
The Million Dollar Blog // Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Go on a retreat
Book a TrekAmerica tour
Go on a road-trip
Move to another country
See a film at the cinema
Go on a roadtrip

Make the best chill out playlist
Take up drum lessons
✔ Listen to an album from start to finish
Make a playlist for;
– Partytime
– Bedtime
– Time To Write
– Queen mode
– Beautiful
– Instrumental
– Sing Along
– #MondayMotivation

Learn how to make sushi
✔ Have afternoon tea

Try on wedding dresses
Complete 100 Happy Days on Instagram
✔ Get a houseplant
Grow a plant
Get into the newspaper
✔ Play bingo
✔ Go to a shisha bar
Make it into the Slimming World magazine
Go on a £9.50 holiday
✔ Join the library
Learn how to say “Hello” is 20 different languages
Receive a letter from every continent in the world
Have my palms read
Join a book club
Order room service

Make my first 5 year plan
Create a morning routine
Create a bedtime routine
Find purpose and peace
Commit to a manifest journal for at least 6 months
Be confident in my own skin
Practice meditation
Find a mentor
✔ Go to counselling
Become a Life Coach
Hire a coach

Do a 30 day fitness challenge
Train for a 5k run
Run the Race for Life
Run the Colour Run
Participate in Tough Mudder
Lose 4 stone in weight
✔ Go to a spinning class
✔ Go to a dance class
Achieve my goal weight
Attend a boxing class
Try Aerial Yoga
Fit back into my Black Chinos
✔ Go to an Aqua-Zumba class
Learn Pilates
Learn Yoga

✔ Pass my driving test
✔ Buy a second hand car
Buy a brand new car
Ride in a hot air balloon
Fly in a helicopter
Get a pilot licence

✔ Learn how to play Call of Duty
✔ Finish a video game fully

Go to Cadburys World
Go to Chester Zoo
Go to all the theme parks in the UK
✔ Go to ladies night
Go on a London tour bus
Go to a German Christmas market
Have a coffee in Chelsea

Go to Amsterdam for the day
7 Wonders of the world
Go to all the Greek Islands
Visit every continent
Be a tourist in my own town

Niagara Falls
Machu Picchu
Taj Mahal
The Great Ocean Road
Great Wall of China

Notting Hill Carnival // London
Frieze Art Fair // London
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
A networking event
Basquiat Solo Exhibition // Barbican, London
TED Talk
Olympics opening ceremony
Redbull Soapbox Racing

  • Made the BIGGEST blog mistake this week and didn't save or schedule this week's #blogmas posts. Which means it's gunna be a long few days rewriting and re-editing my posts! 🙈
Oh well - least my Christmas playlists will keep me going! 💖 link in the bio for 8 festive playlists that are playable in the post 🎶🎶🎶
  • In today's #blogmas post, I'm throwing it back and sharing my top 10 Christmas memories! 🎄 From nearly blowing up my kitchen sink (and the whole house) to obtaining my first ever kitchen! Link is in the bio 💖
Share below your earliest Christmas memory! 👇🏾👑
  • I know I'm late as day 3 is almost over BUT my day 3 #blogmas post is UP!
If you're looking for things to do this Christmas, check out today's post for ideas! Link's in the bio! ♡
  • Just wanna do a huge shout out to @prestigehampersuk who sent me this luxury hamper the other week! Don't know if you saw my Insta stories the other week, but I literally lost my mind at the fact that there was 2 bottles of wine in there! Definitely perked me up after a stressful day! 🥂🥂🥂 Thanks again 💖
  • I'm so excited to be doing #blogmas this year! And we're not doing 25 days... Oh no! We're doing the WHOLE month! That means there will be 31 days of (hopefully) fun and inspiring content! 💖 Day 1 is up and ready to read on the blog! Link is in the bio!
  • Got a very excitable puppy today as he's realised that I am not at work so lots of playtime and cuddles today 💕

What is everyone's plans for tonight?
  • #throwback to 2016 and waking up to these blue sunny views with @cherielaura86 ♡

Only 5 weeks to go before I wake up in warm weather again! ✈
  • Love it when I find a playlist that I made ages ago in the bottom of my bag! Haven't shared this one yet and the title is apt for today ❤ HAPPY HUMP DAY