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My Top Feel Good Shows + Movies *

Despite what people say about watching TV, I love it! I love getting immersed in other worlds, realities, times and the feel good dramas. So when Panasonic wanted to collab following the release of their Oled TV Panasonic range, I couldn’t say no!

I always give every genre a chance and although I love my documentaries and crime thrillers (legit think I am the next sherlock holmes), I love the powerful but lighthearted dramas that have been made recently. They inspire my creativity, make me happy and can also make me question my own life decisions.

My Top Feel Good Shows + Movies

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend or when you’re feeling low, check out these feel good shows and movies that will make you motivated and inspired.

Grace Frankie Feel Good

Grace and Frankie

When life gives you lemons and your husband tells you he’s gay and leaving you for his law partner – you should probably make lemonade and add all the gin! Grace and Frankie, two women that don’t get on very well, are married to Robert and Sol who are partners in a law firm. They have watched each others kids grow up and get married and have spent timeless holidays together. However, Robert and Sol get very close and end up leaving their wives – for each other, leaving Grace and Frankie moving into an amazing beach house together becaus ethey can’t agree on who owns it.

I first found this show when I was going through a really lonely period and I didn’t think I could relate to it but as the stories unfolds and emotions are running high, I found pieces of this charming show relatable along with the other characters. Grace’s 2 daughters that are polar opposites; one is a full time mum and the other is a complete savage boss babe. Frankie’s adopted boys are also opposites – one is a recovering addict and the other is a divorce attorney and black!

If you want to laugh, howl, cry and everything in between – watch all the series on Netflix now. You won’t be disapointed.

P.S. Noone on this Earth won’t love Frankie – she is my favourite character of ALL TIME! I love her!



I put this on one day for some background noise while doing some admin work on my laptop. 6 hours later and all 3 series watched, I was left wanting more! I went through all the emotions on this show!

Love is a beginning, middle and future story about 2 people who meet in a petrol station. He is a tutor who teaches (bratty) child TV stars on set and she works at a radio station, an addict of everything and just wants to be loved.

If you’ve ever wondered why a relationship didn’t work, what attracts you to someone or why things just get so bloody complicated – watch this! I’ve asked all my friends that have watched it and they all found parts that were relatable.

A great feel good love story with lots of raw reality thrown in! The episodes are nice and bitesize and easy to catch up on as and when.



Have you ever had a break up so bad that you didn’t even want to be home anymore? You want to up and leave and never come back? This is the Bollywood movie you need to watch.

Surrounded by heartbreak after Rani’s wedding is called off last minute, she goes on an emotional journey on her Honeymoon alone although she has never left India before on her own.
Queue a solo adventure that broadens all of her horizons. She meets a fun loving French woman who shows her how to party and live life to the fullest and a group of other solo travellers at a hostel all while trying to show her family in India that she hasn’t lost her values and traditions.
If you have never watched a Bollywood film, start with this as most of it is in English but it has subtitles for the rest.

It’s a complete GIRL POWER movie. So if you ever need a bit of a mood enhancer that is not your traditional chick-flick, grab the popcorn/chocolate/pizza/ice cream or all of the above and watch this on Netflix!



I’m going old school with the next two picks!

Matilda came out when I was 6 years old and I remember reading the book and watching the film and trying to figure out how I can unlock my inner powers and make everything fly.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Matilda is a feel good film for any ages about a young girl who is super smart and uses her mind powers to overcome her awful parents and her regimented headteacher!

Also, there’s a kid that eats a whole chocolate cake, which when I see this part, makes me feel less guilty about overindulging!

As said before, Matilda is for any age so settle down grab the snacks and get ready for a film full of fun!



Here me out with this one! I remember Rugrats when it was shown on Live and Kicking on a Saturday morning. If you don’t remember Live and Kicking…. I’m jealous of your youth!

Rugrats is a group of toddlers and their leader Tommy Pickles, discovering everyday life lessons that become big adventures in the babies imagination.

I set myself a challenge a few years ago to watch every episode of the Rugrats as they were streaming on Amazon Prime. When I hit series 2, I realised just why this show was great.

It’s a light hearted show that puts life lessons in it’s simplest form. It makes you rediscover your inner child joy and it makes you feel good after watching each one.

Plus, who couldn’t love Angelica and her mischievous ways and cute little Chuckie that is a sign of the inner fear that we all have when doing something new?

If you have a chance to rewatch these, do it!


Santa Clarita Diet

Again this is another one I put on for background noise and ended up getting nothing done!

Starring Timothy Olyphant () and Drew Barrymore () as a married couple whose life is overturned in the most hilarious way when Drew’s character, Sheila, starts transforming into a zombie.

This show is absolutely hilarious as the family try and work together to save Sheila and prevent as many deaths as possible.

A freezer full of limbs, blended organs and unlimited blood supply – this show is not one to miss!


A Long Way Down

My last pick takes a more serious tone but is such a lovely film about struggle, friendship and strength.
Based on a novel by Nick Hornby, Four people meet on New Year’s Eve while attempting suicide. They all make a pact  and they form a support group to help one another with the difficulties they are struggling with.

This film shows the true nature of friendships. How easy it is to form a bond and how friendship can actually save your life.

It features an amazing cast, great locations and will leave you feeling refreshed and grateful for your life

What are your favourite feel good films?

Add yours to the list in the comments below

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