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How's everyone's Monday going?
  • Who you gonna be?! 🖤🖤
  • Can we have more sunshine, cocktails, sunglasses, ice poles and warmth now? I'm bored of the cold! ☀️🍹🍦
  • #tbt The closest I'll ever get to some movie action! 🎥🚙💥 All you can hear is me and @kazza44 going "woaaaahhhhh" in the background 🤣
  • “Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” @keithharingofficial
  • @unleeshd you are such a babe! ❤️ Left this note where I found it for others to grab good vibes #alishasnotes
  • All day today I've been thinking about the sunshine and the lazy days at the pool 🌴☀️ A complete contrast of what the weather is like here! Today has been a super busy work day and I'm now tucked up in my bed, doing my mindset work and typing up some new blog posts 🖤 what's everyone up to tonight? *Also, absolutely love my #Pixel3 😍
  • We're starting the first Monday of 2019 with a new #mondayvibez playlist! This one is dedicated to those that are going back to their normal routine after the festive season. Whether it's work, school or play - get yourself going with this playlist! Happy Monday 👑🖤