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New Year’s Resolutions: Bloggers + Influencers Share Their 2019 Goals

A new year, a fresh start and a time, for some, to set new year’s resolutions! A few weeks have now passed since we waved goodbye to 2018 and enough time to work out how we want 2019 to look.

It’s a clichΓ© thing to set new year’s resolutions. We set them, stick to them for a couple of weeks and then back to our good ol‘ ways again. Let’s not make that our story this year!

It is a well known secret that accountability is a major key to achieving your goals. Declaring your ambitions and dreams to the world opens you up to support and help – making you feel even more confident to get the job done. I also think that seeing one of your favourite social queens tackling the same goal, helps spur you on too!

That’s why I linked a few of my favourites and some new friends too, to share their ambitions and resolutions for the new year too. If you are tackling the same goal, get in touch with them and show some support. You never know, you may BOTH be able to support each other in crushing those goals.


Our 2019 Goals

Personally, I want to travel regionally and internationally, grow my hair with a natural hair regimen, get a second source of income, start an emergency savings account and complete an online course in graphics/web development.

With my blog, my goals are to start a monthly newsletter, gain 2000 subscribers, think of a product to sell and pitch to a brand.
FB : ATBA Blog IG : @astoldbyalii

As a new mum & currently on maternity leave, there’s quite a lot I’d like to achieve in 2019. I’m taking the full year off work & even though I’m sure it’ll have some challenges along the way with a new baby in tow, there are some things that I’d like to do for myself. I’ve booked on to do a calligraphy course in January and would love to excel in another creative output. I’m also wanting to create a capsule wardrobe & live with the mantra ‘quality over quantity’ as at the moment this is something I’m definitely not doing. Eeek!
Claire Chircop
T : @__clairemac IG : @__clairemac

Two of my New Years resolutions are to exercise regularly and drink more water. Exercising is really good for your mental health so I want to try and work out as much as possible. I’m not a gym girl but you don’t need a gym to work out! You can do exercises from the comfort of your own home and still feel healthy. There’s sooo many work out videos on YouTube these days to follow.
Beth Louise
T : @bethxlouisexx IG : @bethxlouisexx

resolutions 2019

Definitely! I have three main resolutions for 2019 – firstly, I want to be more mindful with my finances and hopefully, by the end of the year, I can have enough to start a house deposit fund! Second, I’m going to try my best to stick to a strict posting schedule to motivate myself to stay active in content creation. The third is to say YES to more things! I’ve been held back by my anxiety this year and lost quite a number of opportunities but I really want things to change, so may 2019 be a year of more yes’ and fewer no’s!
Cheryl Wong
T : @cherylwonggg IG : @cherylwonggg

My resolution is to get my blog in order as I’ve learnt so much about blogging in the last 6 months. So, I have been going back over all my old posts and improving them. I want to focus on my freelance writing career and have already been recruited for a new regular writing job. Writing is my passion and I always put my heart and soul into it.
T : @teaandcakesoul FB : Tea and Cake For The Soul

Having just celebrated my first blogversary, 2019 is all about becoming bigger and better with road2culturedom! I hope to be involved with many collabs and work with some travel brands! I will continue to tick off my travel bucket list whilst inspiring my incredible fans and readers. So far, I’m planning to visit Colombia, Iceland and Rome which have been on my list for years plus a few more trips!
T : @road2culturedom IG : @road2culturedom

2019 goals

In 2019, I want to continue to grow my blogging business and be even more successful than I have been this year. I hope to have four money making blogs by the end of the year and also hope to add another money making side hustle to my list. I’m self employed and work from home so I’m always aware that my main income or any of my side hustles could stop working and stop making me money at any point!

I have a few personal resolutions and they include learning to ski! I’ve never been ski-ing before, so I want to have a lesson or take part in a ‘learn to ski in a day’ at the Snow Dome. I will definitely tick this off my bucket list in 2019! I’d also like to practice yoga a lot more and become more flexible. As for a sensible resolution, I would like to work on my savings and have a good emergency fund by the end of the year, so cutting back non-essential spending is a goal in 2019.
IG : @lyliarose P : @lyliarose

I want to develop my self confidence so that I stop holding myself back. I have a tendency to hesitate and this can make me miss opportunities and I don’t want that for 2019. I’m going to try & say yes more.
T : @bexcapades IG : @rebeccaburke95

My goal for 2019 is to have some money saved. I’m terrible with money, I need someone to hold me back when I go shopping. I’d love to have some money saved in a separate account at the end of next year, even if it’s Β£100.
IG : @mevstheodds

I’ve been working on a cookbook that I’d like to finally publish. With my blog, I’d like to produce a better lead magnet, figure out how to make prettier graphics in Canva, and steadily increase my domain authority.
T : @HomebodyMelanie P : @MelanieBlogsHome

If you want to check out some of my goals for 2019, check out my Instagram 2019 story highlight where I list my mini bucket list for this year!

What are your resolutions for 2019?
Share them in the comments below!


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