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Need A Change? Here’s Why It’s Time To Book A Holiday

When I came home from an amazing holiday in Barbados, I felt like I needed a change. I was craving the buzz I had felt in the two weeks I was on the island and knew that to feel that kind of vibe again, there would have to be some changes.

I started thinking about all the holidays I have been on and all the promises of change I had made myself for when I came home. I also got the familiar feeling of holiday blues and thought about my next holiday.

How A Holiday Inspires Change

What inspires us to make all these plans? We’re away for such a short period of time but in that time frame, we make plans to become a different person or make different decisions when we come home.

After talking to friends and family, I found out that these following things were the most relatable reasons for how a holiday can inspire change.

Stronger relationships with Friends and Family

Spending quality time with family and friends away from your usual surroundings helps you form bonds and learn new things about yourself and others. In the 2 weeks I spent in Barbados, I learnt a lot about my grandparents. They talked more in-depth about their background, their struggles, about other family members that have passed and all the lessons they have learnt in their life. I also noticed personality traits that we both possess and how fun they both are. They have inspired me to change my outlook on life and that sometimes it’s nowhere near as bad as it could be. They inspire me to live each day positively and to take all opportunities available.

Step back from real-time pressures

Going on holiday or travelling allows you to take a break and step back from work stress, money worries and life struggles in general. The first time I went to Barbados, I had just lost my job. I was stressed about how my bills were going to be paid and how I was going to have a life. However, these troubles all floated away while away on holiday. Although the problems were still there for when you come home, you gain a completely different perspective of how to handle them. I no longer have sleepless nights and tearful conversations with my mum about it – I am now being proactive and more positive about the situation. Everyone has a “clean slate” when they come back from a holiday because having a clear mind means you can make some of the best decisions you can make.

It enhances your mood and creativity

I saw an Infographic on Pinterest that said that women who do not go on holiday are twice as likely to suffer from depression and 86% of people who travel say they have a positive outlook on life. It also concludes that people think more creatively when on holiday as problems are more physically distant. While making fun memories it’s almost impossible for your mood not to be uplifted especially if you are making those memories with special people in your life. Those memories and moments, inspire change in the most positive ways because your whole mindset has had a reset as mentioned before.

Improve your overall wellbeing

Every holiday I have been on for the last 5 years has left me feeling so refreshed. I also get the best sleep ever when I am away from home! I have no idea why but I feel super comfortable and relaxed while on holiday. Being on holiday allows you to take a step back from your hectic work schedule and help you develop a more useful work/life balance. Remember that you have worked so hard since your last holiday, why not enjoy the fruits of your labour?

You create better habits

While I was on holiday, I managed to have time to really reassess my life. I was more motivated than EVER to rebrand my blog, create fun courses, write content for businesses and fun brands and create a fun product based business to express my artistic flair. Even though that seemed like a lot, I didn’t feel overwhelmed or scared to put myself out there. I started to feel excited and super motivated to make it work.

If you know in yourself that you can live a better life than you do now and you know deep down that you can 100% make it happen for you (which you can!), then a holiday is the perfect time to start making plans and taking actions. Overall, one of my favourite parts of a holiday is having the time to reflect and realise just how amazing life is! I love the feeling of hope and having plans. That’s why going on holiday and travelling is amazing for your soul.

Been on any life-changing holidays?
Share your change stories in the comments below.



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