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The Law Of Attraction: My Basic 5 Step Method To Manifest Whatever You Want

I went live on Facebook for the first time a while ago to talk about manifesting money into my life. This came after I manifested £1500 for a family holiday to Barbados in February 2018.

After sharing this story, I have had amazing feedback. With so many questions on how to manifest money and other things, I thought it would be helpful to write a guide with the steps I took to pay for an incredible holiday!

I never believed that manifesting worked– I thought it was all bullshit. The whole Universe thing was very out there and I thought that the things that I wanted and the money I dreamed of only happened due to luck and deemed myself as a very unlucky person. By becoming more open-minded to this spiritual way of thinking, things started to change for me.

My family had booked onto a trip to Barbados for my Mum’s 50th birthday and I couldn’t go because we couldn’t afford to pay for another person. Although I work full time, it would take a year to save the money to pay for a ticket, spending money, passport renewal, clothes, hotel, transfers and everything else that comes with going on holiday!

I decided to manifest the money using the law of attraction to get on this holiday. There was nothing to lose as the worst-case scenario was that I wouldn’t be going on holiday. However, as soon as I decided to try this, deep down, I knew I was going to be in Barbados in the new year.

Fast forward to November 2017, when the money I needed for the holiday was sitting in my bank 2 days before the holiday had to be paid for. It was all money that I manifested and NOT 1 penny was taken from my wages. This is when I KNEW I had to share my experience and the steps I took to get there. My eyes have fully been opened and I cannot wait what this power can do for my life, career plans and for your life!

You can 100% have what you want in life.

After reading The Secret, I started researching everywhere on how I can make this extra money. I read books, watched films, followed social media, searched blogs and watched documentaries on YouTube. I found the perfect system to follow, which I shortened down to 5 stages.

Whenever, I felt stuck or started to slip back into not believing that it would work (because trust me, that will happen), I went right back to the beginning and went through the steps again.

Manifesting In 5 Easy Steps

It’s very important to know that this isn’t a quick fix – like anything, practice makes perfect.

You heard the saying dreams don’t work unless you do? Well, it’s true. Stick at this, make a routine and follow the process daily. If you truly stay consistent and keep your faith and get your butt in gear, there is no reason why this couldn’t work for you. It doesn’t need to be hard work, just be natural and tap into a positive, high vibe mindset.

Step 1: Set Clear Goals

Think of this step as placing an order at ASOS or Pizza Hut. However, instead of ordering that fabulous denim jacket or a stuffed crust pizza (mmm… pizza!), you are placing an order to the Universe. Therefore, it is so important to be clear about what you want.

I wrote my goal down everywhere, so I could be reminded daily what I wanted. When I say everywhere, I mean E V E R Y W H E R E and every day. I would write it in my mindset journal every day and type it in my phone, so I would be reminded of what I was aiming for.

By doing this, you’re sending a clear message out into the world of what it is that you want.


Step 2: Implement Gratitude into Your Daily Routine

This was one of my favourite things to start doing and something I talk about alllllll the time and journal daily about. Gratitude is the most important things to start practising if you want your order to come through.

I like to write a list of NO LESS THAN 30 things that I am grateful for every single day. I would often say thank you to every little thing within the day. It made me realise that I had so much to be grateful for and it changed my attitude towards my general life.

By being grateful for the life you have right now, you are opening yourself up to more amazing things that life has to offer like money, travel, family, home, new car etc.

Want to know ways you can practice gratitude? Check out my blog post, 5 Quick Ways To Express Gratitude

Step 3: Believe in The Cause

This is a hard one but the more your practice, the easier it becomes. I knew I was going to Barbados, so I started buying things for the holiday like sun cream and new clothes!

You must put all your trust in your higher power – the Universe, God, Fate or whatever you believe in. You also need to trust and believe in yourself. Trust that you are going to get what you have asked for exactly when you want it. To do this you have to let go of the need for what you want and have faith.

I had to let go of the thought that I needed £1500 and let go of the need for money. I also let go of the fear of not being able to go on holiday. By letting go of all this, it eliminated any limiting beliefs or negative vibes I was holding on to. It also unblocked any subconscious thoughts that could prevent me from getting what I wanted.

Trust that you won’t be let down and believe that what you want is out there and on its way to you.

Step 4: Visualise the Outcome

This is a really important step and one that many people miss out on. It’s time to imagine the outcome of what you really want. As stated before, you need to get into a state of mind that you have already had what you want. Not doing this may cause what you have manifested to slip away or not fully manifested in the way you intended.

Start thinking about how it will feel like once you have manifested your desire. What does it look like to have what you want? If you’re manifesting money, what does your bank account look like with that extra money you want? Tap into all your senses so you can experience exactly what it feels like to have what you want.

You can make a vision board of everything that you have asked for and look at it daily. Document your feelings in detail in a journal or even carry an object around that inspires those emotions. I used to carry around my Boatyard card from my previous Barbados holiday and bought some spray that smelled like Pina Colada!

Every time I opened my purse, I would see the card that would remind me of what’s to come. When I feel like I was losing sight of my goal, I would spray my room with the spray and imagine I was drinking a cocktail on the beach.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Kathrin Zenkina writes in her book, Unleash Your Inner Money Babe, that wealthy people take care and respect their money. They don’t fold or crumple their notes and their purses/wallets are not messy. Therefore, to attract money into your life, it’s time to clean your purse/wallet out to make extra room for the money you want to receive.

What does your purse/wallet look like? Get rid of all the old receipts, old cards and make room for all the money you’re going to manifest.

Know that you already have what you have asked for. As soon as you have put your desires out there, they are already starting to become reality. Stay positive and tap into the feelings of already having what you want when you feel lost.

Step 5: Take Action

Once you’ve placed your order, you will start receiving inspiration in the form of ideas. This is what you use to turn dreams into reality. TAKE ACTION on this straightaway because these are your directions. These are your HOW that the Universe has sent to you! If you don’t take action on these, you won’t get the quick results that you are wanting. These directions may call for you to step outside your comfort zone or put in hard work, but it will pay off!

Listen to your intuition and what you are called to do because these are vital in getting what you want. I used to think by saying what I wanted and constantly being positive, meant I would get whatever I wanted. As we all know, it’s not that simple, you need to put effort into making your dreams a reality. However, I find this way easier and less daunting to make my desires come true.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Just by deciding what you want, means you are so close to making it a reality!

Are you trying to manifest something or have an amazing manifestation story to tell?
Share your stories below.



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